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Flying for business can be a stressful start to the day, the reason for travel has a much more important agenda when compared to a holiday, and being ready for your first day working abroad is crucial. Making a good first impression with clients is essential for the business and being well rested after a long flight is key to being ready, before you go on your journey there are some essentials to buy and knowing what to wear on a long flight in business class that will make your travel much more comfortable.

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Flight Socks

Trtl Travel Socks offer gentle compression which is ideal for any long journey. The compression aspect of the sock helps to increase healthy blood flow throughout your legs during any flight, so they won’t ache once you get off the plane. Flight socks have more intention in their design, they keep your legs and feet warm during the flight and are designed to match the curves of the wearer's legs.

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A stylish accessory that serves a better purpose while flying. Perfect for acting as a lightweight blanket if you begin to feel cold while resting, it's ideal for anyone travelling for business and doesn’t want to bring a hoody or a jacket that doesn’t match the outfit. Pashminas tend to go with the majority of business outfits, and you can fit in with any fashion conscious crowds, depending on your destination.

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Cotton Top

A loose cotton top is one of the keys to feeling comfortable during the whole flight, both ideal for layering up or wearing on their own. If you’re heading straight off to a meeting after the flight, you can dress up the top with your pashminas and jewellery for a professional look that will still be comfortable during the flight.

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Travel Pillow

Our Trtl Travel Pillow might not be the first thing you consider when asking what to wear on a long flight business class, but its supportive comfort for rest will be one of the biggest difference you see when compared to your previous flights. Its unique design makes it less than half the size of a conventional U-shape pillow and scientifically offers more comfort in comparison. Attempting to get comfortable during you rest on a long flight will stop you from going into a deep sleep and this alone can affect the way for feel when you wake up.

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Comfortable Shoes

Whether you’re wearing high heels or brogues, having a comfortable pair of footwear for the flight will help with to journey, and you can change into your smart shoes after the flight. Shoes should be one of the first things you consider when thinking about 

The key is to consider your hand luggage and what is essential for the trip, prioritise comforts you can take to enjoy the flight more. Deciding on what to wear on a long flight business class all comes down to your preferences and how long your stay is, if your work starts straight after you land, you’ll need to think carefully about what clothing you wear on the flight and what stays in your luggage.

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