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A cruise is one of the best holiday experiences that everyone can enjoy, luxury ships designed to make all of their passengers feel special. For any first timers, there are plenty of things to consider before you set sail on the big blue ocean. While there are many first time cruise tips that friends and family will mention, if you haven’t booked your trip yet there are some additional first time cruise tips to explore.

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Why Cruise?

There are several different opinions when it comes to cruise holidays, and the only negative feedback tends to come from people who get seasick. One of the reasons people opt in for a cruise experience is for the variety of countries, cities and on ship facilities available daily, it's incredible the amount of entertainment the ships offer, and they also port at different locations depending on the cruise you’ve picked.

It’s also the first option for anyone wanting a first-class experience for an affordable price. Cruise companies spare no expense when it comes to looking after their passengers. It’s a flexible trip that tends to cater for every type of passenger, whether you want to explore the countries along the journey or want to sit on the ship by the pool, the choice is yours.

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Picking the Right Cruise

It might come as a shock, but there’s more than one type of cruise available. The majority of people who consider booking a cruise will be thinking about an ocean cruise, where the ship will journey through the ocean and dock at a variety of cities along the way, giving passengers the chance to explore the destination. But to fully explain the options for people looking for first time cruise tips, there are also river cruises and luxury cruising.


River cruises are experienced on smaller ships when compared to ocean cruises, but they offer a much more intimate experience for anyone wanting to explore some of the worlds most renowned rivers, lakes and canals. Luxury cruises are essentially a floating resort that tailors its daily excursions to suits its passengers, it’s not the common choice but offers a completely unique experience for first-timers.

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All the staff on a cruise ship will look after your every need and the customer service is known to be some of the best from all around the world. However, there are some preparations you should make before you head out on your journey. Making sure your travel insurance is in date, covers you in multiple countries and on a cruise ship, it’s essential to highlight what your trip involves so your advisor can give you the correct documents and protection. It’s also necessary to check your passport has more than six months left on it before it expires, some countries are known to refuse entry if a passport has less than six months left, so either update it, or verify the countries you're porting at will allow you entry. Finally, vaccinations are usually advised by your ship hosts if they are necessary, which means a last-minute booking might need to be checked before you commit.

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If you’re working with a budget, this first time cruise tip can help save a lot of money. There is commonly three types of accommodation available and to help meet your budget, and if you don’t plan on spending much time in the cabin, you can select an inside cabin. The inner cabins won't have a window or view available as they are located more central in the ship, which reduced their value.

You could also consider an outside cabin if you want the real experience of sleeping next to the ocean. Or if you're going to spare no expense, some cruise ships will have balcony cabins as an option, and you can relax will the smell and sound of the ocean in the privacy of your room.

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Picking the Ship

The vessel you decide to commit to should also be well researched, the size of the ship doesn’t always mean it will be better or offer a wider variety of entertainment. You can expect the ship your reviewing to advise everything it offers in a tempting manner, but it’s always best to check out the competition and compare the package and prices.

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Extra Advice

If you’re feeling unsure about whether you’ll enjoy being on a ship for a week or two, consider going on a sampler cruise which tends to last 2-4 days and you enjoy the experience for a shorter amount of time and a lower price. Another reason people can be wary of a cruise is the idea of becoming seasick, but this isn’t really an occurrence on modern ships as they are built with stabilizers to reduce all of the side to side swaying.

Another thing to consider is the additional cost that can come from excursions. Some are included with the price, but other cruises which tend to be cheaper don’t include them so you might need to prepare for a couple of extra charges if you want to go exploring.

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Hopefully, after reading this article, these first time cruise tips will help you decide exactly what you want from the experience, and you can figure out a budget to suit your needs. Regardless of how much you want to spend, the majority of cruises offer perfect customer service with a lavish ship to enjoy.

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